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Step into the rhythm of the weekend with our

vibrant Friday night ballroom dance classes!


Dates & Times:
- June 7th - CHA CHA - part 1 , 7:00 PM (ballroom)

- June 14th - NO CLASS

- June 21st - CHA CHA - part 2, 7:00 PM (ballroom)

(June 28 - Dance Social)



St Gregory Armenian Church

1131 North Street, White Plains, NY  10605

What to Expect:

-Our professional instructors will take you through the basics and beyond, ensuring you feel confident and have fun on the dance floor.

- You'll learn the essential steps, rhythms, and techniques that make the cha-cha such a lively and popular dance. 

- Enjoy a supportive and friendly atmosphere, meet new people, and experience the joy of dancing the cha-cha with flair and style.

Who Can Attend:

- Beginners with no prior dance experience.

- Intermediate and advanced dancers looking to refine their technique and style.


Registration & Pricing:

- Single Class: $20


Don't miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Moulin Rouge on the dance floor.

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